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We love a luxury gift with real meaning, and pieces for your home that bring you real joy. We know how good it feels to make kinder choices with your spending power: buying handmade over mass-produced, sustainable over plastic, and knowing you’re supporting individuals and communities here in the UK, and abroad too.

Just Luv It brings you gorgeous handmade, authentic gifts and homeware from all over the world. We search for people who make beautiful products that are good for the planet: high quality, unique gifts that are green, plastic-free and ocean friendly. They are all accredited Fairtrade products, as set out by the world Fair Trade Organisation –  so we know that the makers and their communities get a fair deal.

Our Green Credentials are very important to us too – we work with schools to promote green living, take part in tree planting programmes, and support a candle recycling programme with three collections sites in Northamptonshire.

Meet Andrea

I’m Andrea, and I just love beautiful gifts and homeware. I love to give presents that have a story behind them, and I love to furnish my home with one-of-a-kind pieces that are good to the planet as well. So I established Just Luv It, a place to find affordable and sustainable gifts that are handmade, whose origins can be traced right back to the craftsperson who made them.

I’ve worked as a senior manager within a large organisation for years, but like many people, lockdown changed my perspective and Just Luv It came about.

When I do something, it’s with my whole heart – and Just Luv It is no different to some of my other great loves. I’m never happier than when I’m out in the countryside, especially on horseback. I’ve adored horses and riding since I was a child, and I was a keen eventer until I retired from it 10 years ago. But I couldn’t ignore my sporty side, which now continues with running: I’ve completed two marathons and many halfs, and each year I run in support of a different chosen charity – which also receives a percentage of the Just Luv It sales.

What about the name, Just Luv It? I’m a Brummie, and I call everyone “luv” – it’s in my blood. When I started looking for stock, “I just luv it” was on my lips every time I found a fab new product. It’s an important little bit of my heritage – and since I can show you where all my products come from, it seemed like the perfect fit!

Another very important part of Just Luv It is my husband, Howard – without him, we wouldn’t be here doing what we do. He’s by my side at every market and every pop-up, he helps me with the stock and has supported me from the beginning – I just luv him!  

What We Stand For

We believe the world deserves better than mass-produced plastic – and that communities deserve better than sweatshop factories.  We could buy our products more cheaply, or choose mass imports from China – but ethical products and practices are far more important to us.

Every item we offer to you must have a clear, fair and ethical provenance: from how it’s made, to who it’s made by, and what it’s made from.

Here’s what matters most to us at Just Luv It:  


The pieces we choose to sell are never mass produced, and each one can be traced back to the person who made it – a person who gets a fair deal for their work.


Our products must do no harm to the planet, and can be effectively recycled as appropriate.


We are proud of every piece we sell, and would love to receive each one as a luxury gift ourselves.

Our Promise

When you buy from us, we promise that you’ll have an ethically sourced, handmade, sustainable product that has been bought from its producer at a fair price.

Fair to suppliers, fair to the planet, and a beautiful product for you. It’s our LUVIT guarantee:

Luxury gifts you’d love to receive

Unique origins, always handmade

Viable, sustainable materials

Independent / Impeccable quality / Improving lives?

Traded fairly: accredited Fairtrade products as set out by the world Fair Trade Organisation We are also strongly committed to anti-slavery policy

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